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Ali Editor OpenBox S9 HD PVR

This is the Ali Channel Editor for the OpenBox S9. If you have used the Ali Editor for Traxis you will find it functions similar. With this Ali implementation there are two portions to the file, Default Data and User Data. If you save the edited file as default data when you default the receiver all channels are erased and your sat/tp list becomes the default. To write your channel list, export a copy of the file as userdata. This file will add your channel list and your satellite list, which returns to the default one upon doing the factory reset.

The file from the openbox ends on .dbs but this program does not support it.
However you can change de ending dbs to .abs and then open the file with this program.
It will suport it.
Then after saving you need to alter it back to .dbs

How to Upload and Download Channels to the Solomend Receiver Using the Channel Editor Channels may be transferred to the editor three ways: (1)“Dump” the scanned channels in your receiver to an usb stick or other hard drive, and then transfer the “dump” to your computer and channel editor. (2) Connect a null rs232 cable to your computer and receiver, and then download the channels from your receiver to the computer that contains the channel editor. (3) Manually add channels to individual transponders in the channel editor. Let’s look at the “dump” feature as it is the easiest to work with. You will need to have a file that contains the dump feature loaded in your receiver. I don’t remember when the dump feature was added, but I think it was around 4-15-2010. To see if you have the dump feature installed. Press the menu button on the remote, and arrow down to the suitcase picture which is the Tools menu. Dump by USB should be an option. If the dump option is not shown, then load a more recent firmware version. Make sure a useable usb stick or other drive is plugged into the back of the receiver. The “Dump by USB” option should be bright white when a useable hard drive is inserted in the receiver. Highlight the “Dump by USB and press OK. “Dump by USB” should appear at the top of the screen. Set the “Dump Mode” to Image File(*,abs), arrow down, and press OK on Start. A “Dump Image” sub menu will appear. There are only two things we will dump. We want to dump (1) the HDS2_DUMP.abs (image). To select this, highlight it and press OK. A small blue checkmark will appear to the far right of the screen. Arrow down once and highlight (2) system Setting (in image). Press OK and a blue checkmark should appear to the far right. These two items are all we want, so press the yellow remote button and the selected information will be transferred to the hard drive that is connected to the receiver. Turn the receiver OFF, Remove the hard drive from the receiver and then transfer the hard drive to your computer that contains the editor program.
Open the channel editor program. Click the little yellow folder at the top left corner of the editor screen and an Open sub menu will appear. Select the proper location of your dump file in the Look in box. Change the files of type box at the bottom to “Open Bin File(*.abs) Highlight the HDS2_DUMP (HDS2_DUMP should automatically appear in the File name box), and then click the open box. A Select Data Base sub menu will appear with two options. Option 1 is Default Data Base. This is the information that is loaded when a factory default is done. It should not be selected at this time. Option 2 is User Data Base. This is the information that is loaded when the firmware is first loaded. Select this option and click the OK box. The editor should fill with your tv and radio channels when you click on “All Services” in the top left corner of the editor screen.
Edit your channels. You can do this by right clicking a channel. Transponder and satellite information can be accessed by clicking on the plus sign(+) in the far left box. Right click an item to edit it. When you are finished editing, click once on “File(F)” in the top left corner of the editor. A sub menu will appear. Click once on “Export” in the sub menu. A “Save As” sub menu will appear. Change the files of type box at the bottom of the “Save As” menu to “Open Bin File(*.abs) Highlight the original HDS2_Dump .abs file and click on save. A prompt will appear that says “HDS2_DUMP.abs already exists. Do you want to replace it?” Click on “Yes”. Put the dump file back in the receiver and reload it. There are lots of other features that are available with this editor. You can save the channel information as an .udf file or as a .ddf file. The idea here is to give you enough information to get started editing channels. I encourage you to try some of the other features of this editor. El Bandido