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Tema: King A2.18

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    usuario++ Avatar de lloyd8
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    27 feb, 08
    Puntos: 3,268, Nivel: 6
    Puntos: 3,268, Nivel: 6
    Nivel completado: 66%,
    Puntos requeridos para el siguiente Nivel: 382
    Nivel completado: 66%, Puntos requeridos para el siguiente Nivel: 382
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    Nuevos k.i.n.g A2.18

    Hi everybody, the new version of KYNG Software is available in the downloads section it's version A2.18.

    • Fixed :(All Models) The bug related to the update of TV Vlaaderen and Canal Digitaal Seca cards. Sorry for the delay, but we fixed it as soon as we received the cards.
    • Fixed :(Atlas-E/M3S2/M2S Plus)The bug related to Majd Cryptoworks provider and CCcam.
    • Fixed :(Atlas-E/M3S2/M2S Plus)The CCcam NodeID generation optimized and improved.
    • Added:(Atlas-E/M2S Plus)A special standby mode for those using the boxes as servers. This can be done by hitting 4 times the red button in the main menu. This is only available for versions with the server feature, so the "single" version is not included.
    • Note 1: Actually there is a good news for those who cannot use sharing. We got in our hands some new cool pirated cards that open some serious and cool providers such as JSC+, SRG Swiss, Bis TV, ART and much more. It will be on the markets very soon. But please do not forget that we have nothing to do with it. The best thing about these cards is their ability to run on almost all receivers, new and old. I was not sure about telling you all this, because we do not want people to think that we are the heroes who succeeded in doing this. All the credits go to some friends of ours who are very active on the scene. Please, do not ask us about it or else you will be banned. Have fun.
    Contenido o Link Oculto:Pulsa Gracias o Responde, para ver el contenido

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    (Edgar Allan Poe)

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    cruzlade* (21/08/2013)

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    Vip Avatar de jhosua15
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    16 may, 08
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    graciass Hidden Content
    Un Saludo...JhoSua

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    Usuario -100 Avatar de willyn
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    06 nov, 05
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    Gracias amigo
    Un Saludo

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    12 sep, 09
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